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365 Day Diet Pill

This is an over-the-counter diet pill which is supposed to increase energy levels while curbing the appetite. This in turn sheds fat from the body and gives the user enough energy to get into some exercise regime. The difference with this pill is that one bottle contains a whole year’s supply.

What is in it?

Some of the ingredients include:

- Chromium Picolinate – levels blood sugar and lifts energy levels
- Caffeine – a stimulant
- Glucomannan – lowers appetite
- L-Carnitine – turns fat into energy
- Oolong Tea – diuretic
- Plus several other additives

Side effects

Given the list of ingredients, there are bound to be some side effects - rapid heartbeat, shaking, nervousness, irritability, inability to sleep etc.

The site does reiterate though that these pills, taken one every day, are meant to be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet. Indeed, regular exercise and a healthy diet should see weight loss anyway over time.

Pros and Cons

 - Only 1 pill per day to be taken

- No money back guarantee
- No proof that the pill actually works
- No clinical evidence on the site to prove it works


Any diet pill on the market today which does not have 100% money back guarantee looks a little suspicious. Any diet pill which also does not have any clinical proof to back up its claims is also a little suspect.

Although it states that the pill should be taken with a strict and healthy diet regime with an exercise plan as well, it only seems logical that the participant would lose weight by doing this anyway. However, by risking side effects from taking the pill, just going it alone without the pill would not only save money, it would also be a far healthier way to get in shape.

The latest news is that 365 Day Diet Pill has been discontinued from the market and that manufacturers recommend Apidexin as the best alternative. Either way - not recommended at all.

Better alternatives

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