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Adipozin slimming pill review

"579% more weight loss than the leading weight loss pill" is the main tagline of Adipozin diet pill. This fat burner comes in a form of 800mg pills packed with various ingredients that will hopefully help you lose weight.

How does Adipozin work?

Adipozin is marketed as thermogenic fat burner. Thermogenics are diet pills that slightly raise your body temperature so that your metabolism is increased and fat cells then start being used as energy.

Thermogenics are meant to induce thermogenesis, a process in which you start burning more calories and have increased energy expenditure, even while at rest.

Adipozin ingredients

The list of ingredients: Green Tea, Guarana (22% caffeine), Yerba Mate (10% caffeine), Damiana, Chromax, Pomegranate + FucoPure™ (Fucoxanthin), ForsLean®, Super CitriMax Clinical Strength, Glucomannan, 20-Beta-Hydroxyecdysterone (Ecdysterone).

This is where things get problematic with Adipozin. This supplement contains a lot of various ingredients put into a single pill. The problem here is that all those ingredients are present in very tiny amounts, aka not enough to have any positive weight loss effects.

Unfortunately this is a very common practice with diet pill manufacturers today – they put many "clinically proven" ingredients into their product, hoping that you will think that all those ingredients must have positive effects on weight loss. Well, they do, but each one of those ingredients needs to be present in high enough doses in order to achieve good weight loss effects. Otherwise, it becomes useless.

Does Adipozin work?

We wouldn't put our hopes too high with this supplement.

How much is Adipozin?

1-month supply will cost you $59.99. If you order bigger packages you will also get 72 Hour Diet Pill, which apparently can help you lose 12 lbs in 72 hours (!?!?!?!)

Is Adipozin recommended?

It's hard to recommend diet pills such as Adipozin. Not enough of each ingredient, shady marketing tactic, high price tag… Avoid Adipozin by all means.

What are the alternatives?

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