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Best carb blocker pills

Carbohydrates play an integral part in everyday diet. Because they are converted into glucose more easily, they represent great source of energy that body needs during the day.

However, if you have too many carbohydrates in your diet, you will get fluctuations in your energy levels and you will feel tired more often so. Too many carbohydrates are also a weight problem because body cannot deal effectively with that many carbohydrates, and they are easily converted into fat.

Carbohydrate blockers as solution

Carbohydrate blockers (aka carb blockers, starch blockers) are specially designed dietary supplements that specifically prevent the enzyme called alpha-amylase from attaching with carbs. 

Normally this enzyme breaks down carbohydrates into molecules that your body will absorb. However, when you use carb blocker pills, carbohydrates will not be broken down and will pass through your body without being absorbed.

Best carb blockers UK

After seeing many carb blocker pills on the market, and taking in account safety as primary concern, we can recommend only the following carb blocker pills to you:


This carb blocker is definitely the first choice to consider when looking for carb blockers. Meratol uses 4 highly effective herbal ingredients in order to give you 4 different benefits.

Blocking carbohydrates, decreasing caloric intake, fat burning and speeding up your metabolism are all the benefits that Meratol can provide you with. Consumers can expect to lose 3-4 lbs per week using Meratol.

  • No known side effects
  • Price tag: 1-month supply £29.99

Meratol review | Meratol official site


By using white kidney bean extract as its main ingredient, DeCarb guarantees that about two thirds of your carbohydrate intake will pass through the body without being absorbed.

Decarb is our second recommendation when it comes to safe carb blockers. This diet pill is distributed by Evolution Slimming, respectable UK-based retailer of health supplements.

  • No known side effects
  • Price tag: £21.95 for 60-tablet supply

Decarb review | Buy DeCarb directly