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Buy African Mango Advanced UK

One of the latest newcomers to the UK weight loss market is called African Mango, and many people predict it will become the next Acai Berry. While new to the UK, African Mango is certainly not a new thing in the world.

Also known as the "wild mango", African Mango fruit grows in Western and Central Africa. It is believed that it contains great appetite suppressing properties, greatly improves total and LDL cholesterol levels and regulates blood sugar levels.

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African Mango scientific approval

The latest scientific studies done on African Mango show that people who took African Mango pills lost on average 28.1 lbs and showed body fat decrease of 6.3%  versus those who took placebo pills and lost on average 1.5 lbs.

Also in 2005, there was a group of 28 volunteers who were given either African Mango pill or a placebo pill. This was repeated for 4 weeks. At the end, group who took African Mango supplements lost 5.3% of body weight while those who took a placebo pill lost 1.3%.

What's African Mango Advanced?

African Mango Advanced is one of the more popular African Mango supplements that appeared on the UK weight loss market. Currently you can buy this weight loss pill at Evolution Slimming supplier and price for 1-month package is £29.95. There are 60 pills per bottle and you are required to take 2 pills daily (2,400mg daily). Definitely a recommended supplement.

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