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If the concept of Super Foods is appealing to you, then DecaSlim diet pill would be an interesting find. It is based on Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and Green Tea as its main ingredients for weight loss but it has other ingredients as well.

Ingredients of DecaSlim

CLA, Green Tea, Blueberries, Spinach, Broccoli, Garlic, Tomato, Flax Seed, Resveratrol

DecaSlim claims

Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA helps in transforming the body’s carbohydrates intake into muscles. Green Tea contains antioxidants that help reduce appetite and achieve faster weight loss. Fibre is known for keeping you full throughout the day, so it helps in controlling the appetite.  Blueberries are known to contain antioxidants and pterostilbene which helps in fat metabolizing. While other ingredients of DecaSlim do not claim to aid in weight loss, they help in controlling the levels of blood sugar, and in maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol. DecaSlim is said to be effective not only in weight loss, but also in the prevention of acne.

DecaSlim side effects

Side effects of this diet pill are related to the presence of caffeine in the pills including: headaches, insomnia and anxiety.

Is DecaSlim a scam?

DecaSlim diet pill primarily claims to help users lose weight. While there is no medical evidence that it is effective in weight loss, the medical world agrees that 2 of its main ingredients, the CLA and Green Tea, have contents that aid in weight loss.

There is also no evidence that DecaSlim is effective in the reduction or prevention of acne. No dermatologist has so far certified this claim, and no doctor has openly recommended the use of DecaSlim for weight loss.

While DecaSlim is easily available online and on the traditional markets, the lack of experts and professionals who could vouch for the effectiveness of this diet pill makes all the claims subject to suspicion.  Customer reviews are not a big help either because of the complaints that they have been getting the wrong DecaSlim product in their mails. There are also complaints about the difficulty of getting a refund from customer service if ever there is one.

DecaSlim pricing

Price of DecaSlim varies, depending on where you buy it from. The average price for a bottle is priced at $39.99, which comes with a money back guarantee. But then again, the money back guarantee claim will still depend on your success in contacting their customer service.

Should you buy DecaSlim?

Definitely avoid DecaSlim. You don't want to pay money for a pill that won't work and that could possibly give you unpleasant side effects.

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