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UK review

This diet supplement that helps people to lose weight has an odd claim on the packaging.  It says that it balances the good and bad parts of the brain.  That is, the yin and the yang. 

The company should come up with something a little less fairy-tale like other than telling its prospective clients that they have "bad parts in their brains".

Fenphedra ingredients

Most of the ingredients are actually stimulants and these could harm or hinder any person taking them.  Things like Humulus Lupus, Chocamine, DiCaffeine Malate, Synephrine and Phenylethylamine could well cause problems to some who are sensitive to any form of stimulant.

Is Fenphedra scam?

Since most bona fide companies would allow their products to be sold on sites like eBay, it would seem that this may well be the case.  Spam emails are literally flooding the internet promoting the product.  This makes the buyer very wary about a company that would use such avenues to promote a product that is supposed to work.

Side effects for Fenphedra

As one would expect from stimulants, a rapid heart beat and increase in blood pressure is top of the list of side effects.  Some people will get a headache, be irritable or have a lot of trouble getting enough sleep.  All this, in turn, will lead to anxiety too.

Buying Fenphedra

There is one official website where this product can be bought.  Plus the usual eBay, Amazon and other online shopping sites too.

Does Fenphedra work?

No scientific evidence has been put forward, even on their own site, to show that this diet pill works.  Therefore, it is not recommended.

Fenphedra alternative

Capsiplex Plus is the new and improved version of Capsiplex, diet pill that left huge impact on the market when it appeared in 2010. Besides containing Capsicum extract (red pepper extract), there are 2 new ingredients added into Capsiplex Plus: 5-HTP (for better mood) and Bioperine (for increased absorption).

Capsiplex Plus review