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Capsi Extreme slimming tablets review

Capsi Extreme is a diet pill marketed as a "more advanced version of Capsiplex". It contains the so called Capsimax Plus blend of ingredients.

The main active ingredient inside this blend is called Capsaicin (or Capsicum) and it contains red pepper extract. So in a nutshell, this supplement is based on the fact that spicy red peppers can help your body burn additional 250 calories per day, even while resting.

Capsi Extreme ingredients

Capsimax Plus blend, Green tea, Niacin

Buy Capsi Extreme £24.99

How does Capsi Extreme work?

Spicy red peppers are known to increase your body's heat production and help you achieve diet induced thermogenesis. This way your body can start burning fat, even if you're not exercising.

In order to fully benefit from red peppers' fat burning effects, you would have to eat at least 10 grams of red peppers every day for several months. This is undoable because when you consume red peppers in raw form, they can cause gastric irritation and such. That's why taking red pepper pill like Capsi Extreme might be a good idea for you.

Side effects of Capsi Extreme

It shouldn't cause any side effects whatsoever.

Where to buy Capsi Extreme?

Capsi Extreme is available through Weight World UK retailer, and its price is £24.99/bottle.

Go to Weight World site for more information