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Capsiplex Plus slimming pill review

Capsiplex Plus is the new and improved version of already known Capsiplex diet pill from Advanced Health.

We were very much interested to find out how this new diet pill was improved and what was added.

This time manufacturers went ahead and made sure that dieters would not only lose weight but they would also feel great at the same time.

Capsiplex Plus ingredients

Capsicum, Piperine, Caffeine, Niacin, 5-HTP, Bioperine

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As you can see there are 2 new ingredients added to Capsiplex Plus:

  • 5-HTP – Essential amino acid found to have positive effects on depression, appetite suppression and as sleeping aid. 5-HTP is the precursor of Serotonin in the brain, important neurotransmitter responsible for wellbeing, having a good mood and sleeping well. Low levels of serotonin have been linked to depression and overeating, which particularly could be interesting to dieters. By taking Capsiplex Plus you will be increasing levels of Serotonin in your brain, which will make you feel good while trying to lose weight. It will also make you sleep well during the night.
  • Bioperine – Extract made from black pepper fruit; it was tested and clinically proven to increase the absorption of supplement as a whole. Some manufacturers even claimed that Bioperine helped improve effectiveness of their supplements by 30% more than before adding Bioperine.

How Capsiplex Plus works

Working mechanism is the same as with Capsiplex fat burner: by consuming Capsicum (red pepper extract), your body can slightly increase heat production and achieve diet-induced thermogenesis, where you will be able to burn fat even while at rest.

Capsiplex Plus side effects

It shouldn't cause any negative side effects. People sensitive to Caffeine may feel slight discomfort due to Caffeine present.

Final word on Capsiplex Plus

Overall, Capsiplex Plus is an innovative diet pill with 2 new interesting ingredients added. Manufacturers (Advanced Health) are respectable company and they definitely know what they're doing when it comes to weight loss (their previous pills Capsiplex and Meratol had big success).

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