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Pills per box 30 120 30
Price for
1 month supply

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Average weight loss

3-5 lbs per week 

 7-13 lbs per month  4-10 lbs per month

Fat burner

Appetite suppressant 

Fat binder Fat burner
Main ingredients Synthetic enzyme boosters  Opuntia Ficus Indica Capsicum extract
How it works

- Increases metabolic rate

- Suppresses appetite

- Increases body's fat burning ability

 - Decreases fat storage

- Prevents fats from being digested

- Burns fat

- Suppresses appetite

- Decreases hunger

Dangerous components No  No No
Side effects No  No No
Medically approved  

Doctor approvals

Dr. Joerg Gruenwald
Dr Ikram Abidi
Aurora Barker
Will Davis
Dr Emmanuel Ekanem

Media coverage


Florida Style Magazine

The Daily Star

Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Star
Dosage 1-2 pills/day  Up to 9 pills/day 1 pill/day
Time taken Before meals After meals In the morning
Discrete shipping
128-bit secure ordering
Money back guarantee 45 days  6 months 6 months 
Customer rating
Website Phen375 website Proactol website

Capsiplex website


How did we come up with our best slimming pills results?

When we went through many slimming pills on the market, in order to rank them and get only the best ones, we had several key factors in mind:

  • Manufacturer - A slimming pill should be made by a trusted manufacturer who has been around for several years, at least. We don't want newcomers on our list, because safety of a weight loss pill is our top priority. If certain weight loss pill has existed in the offline world, we took that as a plus sign.
  • Ingredients - Inside slimming pill there should be natural and 100% safe ingredients that won't give any side effects to users. Ingredients should be authentic and of a high quality. If some other chemical ingredients need to be added to the mix, it should be done in a way that will not alter the original natural ingredients' efficiency in any way.
  • Medical backing - Weight loss pill should have several successful clinical trials that will further prove its effectiveness. The results of these clinical studies should be made available to the users through official website or by some other means.
  • Price - This is another important factor when we are ranking diet pills. We chose slimming pills that have a reasonable price, or some of them slightly higher price. If a diet pill is more expensive than usual, then there is usually a very good reason for that. We automatically reject all those "free trial" weight loss pills because those are nothing but a scam and you should keep away from them.
  • First visible weight loss results - Everybody wants a quick solution for their weight loss problems today, so we took this into consideration as well. We chose only those diet pills that will give you a reasonable amount of weight loss in a month's time. However, keep in mind that it is recommended to use a diet pill for at least 2-3 months to see noticeable results. Depending on your weight loss targets, you should need more than that.