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Decarb weight loss pill

What is Decarb?

What most overweight people suffer from is an overwhelming addiction to carbohydrates.  Most of their calorie intake will come from potatoes, rice, pasta or bread and it is these that will add weight very fast. 

DEcarb claims to block the carbs from being consumed within the body and thus help the dieter to shed some pounds.

Decarb ingredients

Phaselite – natural complex derived from white kidney bean extract. The ingredients within DEcarb suggest that up to 2/3 of calories consumed in carbs will merely pass through the body without being absorbed.  If this is true, and the dieter also introduces a restricted diet too, then results must surely follow. 

However, the dieter should not depend entirely on pills and potions to do all the work.  Rather, the tablets or capsules should be used as an aid and not a replacement to will power.

Decarb side effects

The ingredients within the Decarb tablets do not have any side effects.  What they do, and this is the PhaseLite part of the deal, is to reduce absorption of the dreaded carbs.  It is a glycoprotein complex that does the work but the dieter should also do their best to help the process along.

Where to buy Decarb?

Evolution Slimming is the stockist of Decarb. One pack of 60 tablets will cost you £21.95.


The one effect that people are not aware of is the spiking of blood sugar levels once carbs are taken to excess.  This constant swinging from high to low blood sugar is what triggers the craving for more carbs in the first place.  This is also the reason that most dieters will ‘fall off the wagon’, so to speak. 

By ironing out all these peaks and troughs, DEcarb may well aid the dieter to stick to their guns and lose the weight once and for all.  It can’t hurt to try it out for a while and, if one believes all that is written on the net, many celebrities are flocking to take it too. 

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