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Dieters Cheating Caps review

This diet pill has made some rather lofty claims.  Among them is ability to lower the appetite, stop fats, carbs and starches from being stored in the body as fat.  Diet pills usually claim one of these traits so to find one claiming all of them is rather unusual.

What is in it?

Unusually, this pill contains no stimulants to rev up the metabolism. It includes Phaseolus Vulgaris which stops carbs and starches being absorbed by the body.  Chitosan is another ingredient which comes from shellfish.  Glucomannan is known to be an appetite suppressant as well and this rounds off the list of ingredients.

What it does

Apart from reducing the appetite, it claims to suppress appetite and stop all the fats, starches and carbs being stored in the body.  All together, this is supposed to encourage the loss of weight.

Side effects

Perhaps the most dangerous side effect here is for those who are allergic to sea food. Chitosan is derived from shellfish and anyone who is sensitive to it could well go into anaphylactic shock if a pill is absorbed into the body.  As side effects go, this is probably one of the worst one could have so take care when buying any over the counter supplements.  Indeed, anyone with allergies of any kind would be better off following a calorie controlled diet instead.  Coupled with moderate exercise, they would probably do just as well.


As a short term measure for weight loss and if all the claims are true, this may work to some extent.  However, one wonders how the body will get any of the vitamins it needs if all this is going on at once.  It seems the only thing that it misses is the protein and, as we all know, the body does not store this very well.

Overall, we don't recommend Dieters Cheating Caps to you. We feel there are better and side effects-free weight loss solutions.

Dieters Cheating Caps alternative

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Capsiplex – One of the top rated diet pills that appeared in 2010. It was sold out in just 3 days when it was released on the market. Capsiplex contains red pepper extract (capsicum), which is known to slightly increase your body's heat production, which in turn helps you burn fat.

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