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Does Phenterex work?

Phenterex is another diet pill that a lot of dieters are interested in. We wanted to dive deeper and find out more about this pill. In the end we came to realization that there's nothing to be excited about Phenterex. Here's why...

How does Phenterex work?

On the official site of Phenterex they don't mention how Phenterex works. They just say that it is a fat burner and appetite suppressant at the same time.

Phenterex ingredients

Caffeine, Phenylethylamine, Mango seed extract, Synephrine, Chocamine and Humulus Lupus

The most worrisome here is the inclusion of Synephrine (bitter orange extract). Besides being effective appetite suppressant, this ingredient is also known to cause certain cardiovascular complications. And we're not just saying this; try searching for Synephrine info online and see for yourself.

Phenterex side effects

In the FAQ section on the official Phenterex site manufacturers claim that certain side effects can be expected with their product: nausea, gas, drowsiness, dizziness, heartburn, jitteriness, irritability etc. While we applaud manufacturers for being honest about side effects, we think that these side effects are not "mild" or to be taken for granted.

How much is Phenterex?

Be prepared to pay $44.98 for 1-month supply of Phenterex. You will be covered with 1-month money back guarantee, which is really not long enough.

Is Phenterex recommended?

Not recommended at all. It looks to us that this company is just trying to get your hard earned money as soon as possible and not really care about you as customers. Also, there are no photo testimonials on the official site that would maybe make the whole Phenterex product look more credible.

What are the alternatives?

Capsiplex Plus fat burner is the new and improved version of already known Capsiplex fat burner. Touted as "the happy slimming pill", Capsiplex Plus contains certain ingredients that help you burn fat and at the same time make you have more positive outlook and be happier, while losing weight.


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