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Formoline L112 fat binder review

When people want to drop some weight, and who doesn’t these days, the diets that are on the market are sometimes a little hard to follow. 

We often feel that we can undertake part of the diet, but there are parts which just do not suit us at all. 

We are doomed to failure then so we often turn to tablets or capsules to help us along.  Formoline L112 is just such a tablet which claims to bind the fat in our food and take it out of the body without it being absorbed.

Formoline L112 ingredients

The main ingredient in Formoline L112 is derived from shellfish and it is this that binds onto fat molecules making them too large to be absorbed in the gut.  The process of taking the pills (2 pills twice per day before food) will certainly have some effect on weight if it lives up to its reputation.

How does it work?

The general idea is that eating saturated fat will literally add fat to the body.  If this can be grabbed and taken out of the body without being absorbed, it stands to reason that we will consume fewer calories.  It doesn’t take out all the fat, we need some to survive of course, but for the most part, it just helps people to stick to whichever eating regimen they are following.

Formoline L112 side effects

There are no real side effects to this tablet but those who have allergies connected to shellfish should avoid them.  The rest of us can take them to lose weight and then reduce the intake to 1 tablet twice per day to maintain the weight loss.


Although not clinically proven as yet, this tablet is the favorite choice across Europe and is best bought online for some good deals.  Expect to pay in the £30 range for 48 tablets

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