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Full Fast spray review

Full Fast is one of the most recent products to appear on the UK weight loss market. After having great success in USA, manufacturers of this weight loss spray have decided to release it in the UK.

In a nutshell, Full Fast does just that – it makes you feel full faster. And it does this using totally natural and proven appetite suppressing ingredients.

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Full Fast ingredients

There are several ingredients inside Full Fast, among which the most important is Griffonia Simplicifolia seed extract. Why is Griffonia important? Because naturally it contains high concentrations of important amino acid 5-HTP (5-Hidroxytryptophan). 5-HTP is proven to increase levels of Serotonin in your brain.

Serotonin is neurotransmitter that controls many functions in your body and one of them is feeling of fullness (or satiety). There have been several studies suggesting that low levels of Serotonin can actually give you your hunger pangs and make you want to eat more than usual. So it is only logical to think that if you increase and balance your levels of Serotonin, hunger pangs will be eliminated and your appetite will be suppressed. That is exactly the working mechanism behind FullFast.

Besides Griffonia, inside FullFast there are also gotu kola, dandelion root and artichoke leaf.

How should you use Full Fast?

Just pump 3 sprays in your mouth (sublingually if possible) several seconds apart. Do this 5 times during the day, preferably 30 minutes before or after a meal. Also, it is advisable to use Full Fast for 2 months, then to have 1 month off.

Full Fast in the media

There have been many appearances of Full Fast in the media, including Health & Fitness Magazine, Metro Newspaper, The Green Organisation, Top Sante, Woman's Own Magazine, Bella magazine, The Sun.

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Where to purchase Full Fast?

At the moment you can purchase Full Fast only from their official website (£23.95 per bottle) and nowhere else. Currently usual stores like Tesco, ASDA, Boots do not sell Full Fast.

Visit Full Fast official website