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Hoodia Mint supplement review

As with all bona fide Hoodia products, the general idea is that the appetite is suppressed and energy levels are increased.

This is a two edged approach to help those who want to lose their excess weight and it seems to be the most successful for sure. However, because of the proliferation of products on the market, manufacturers are trying some novel approaches to making their product stand out from the rest.

Those that manufacture Hoodia Mint think that they have hit upon a good idea by processing out the bitter aftertaste of Hoodia and putting in a mint flavor instead. However, since the supplement is taken in tablet or capsule form, it is hard to see how a dieter would get the aftertaste anyway.

This is where the difference comes in because Hoodia Mint can be sucked, swallowed or chewed and is ideal for those who cannot swallow tablets.


Apart from Hoodia itself, this supplement only has Xylitol to give it that pleasant minty taste. This is a natural sweetener and is derived from fruits and vegetables so those who have diabetes should take note of this.


One big downside to this product is that there is no clear indication of how much Hoodia is in the supplement. Of course, it is well known that Hoodia Gordonii is a great diet supplement but it has to be ingested in certain amounts to be effective. This should be in the range of 1,000 mg daily, so without having the information on the pack, people may well feel duped if it does not give the full effect.

For some odd reason, this very important fact is also missing on the website too so buyers should beware that there may well be better Hoodia products on the market that are more up front about the ingredients. Very difficult to recommend. Consumers are advised to look elsewhere for better alternative.

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