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Leptodrene slimming pill review

Here it comes, another diet pill that claims it’s going to help you lose weight by including many superfoods in its ingredients – it’s Leptodrene! And that’s not all, either.

Leptodrene also claims to help clear up acne and, it fights wrinkles too! If all of these claims are making you feel a bit dubious, don’t worry – they should!

Leptodrene ingredients

Because the ingredients in Leptodrene are all superfoods, most of them are all-natural. But don’t be mistaken into thinking that just for that reason, all of these ingredients are good for you, either.

The ingredients in the pill are: green tea, cayenne pepper, acai, garlic, barley, buckwheat, flaxseed, lactobacillus acidophilus, salmon oil powder, alfalfa extract, soybean extract, and wheatgrass.

Leptodrene side effects

The good news is that Leptodrene has not had many reported side effects. Due to the green tea it contains, there is a chance that uses might feel jittery, anxious, restless, and may experience insomnia.


If you want to take a diet pill that’s going to help you lose weight, use one that focuses on losing weight and only losing weight. All of the ingredients listed in Leptodrene to do anything else, such as prevent wrinkles or get rid of acne, only confuse the matter. And they don’t only confuse it. All of those different ingredients mixed together to do different things could actually cause some minor, but unpleasant, side effects in many users.

Also, Leptodrene has recently just slashed the price of the diet supplement by over 60%. A good diet pill that does what it claims usually raises the price as demand goes up. And this massive cut to the price only shows that the manufacturers are having problems selling it. And that’s probably due to the fact that it just doesn’t work. We recommend you to avoid Leptodrene.

Leptodrene alternatives

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If your problem is high fat meals, then Proactol Plus is a pill you want to take a look at.