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Lipitrex UK diet pills review

Lipitrex is a diet pill that, like many, sends signals to the brain that tell the body it’s not hungry. You in turn do not eat more than you need to and therefore, do not gain weight. Lipitrex comes in the form of a pill and needs to be taken daily in order to see the desired results.

Lipitrex ingredients

Some diet pills only rely on 1 or 2 key ingredients in order to be effective. Lipitrex on the other hand, contains 7 ingredients in total. These are:

  1. green tea extract;
  2. coleus forskohlii;
  3. PinnoThin, which is a pine nut extract;
  4. CLA, which is a non-essential fatty acid;
  5. citrus aurantium;
  6. guarana; 
  7. magnesium and chromium

Lipitrex side effects

Because of the many different ingredients in the pills, Lipitrex does come with a few side effects. Although some may find it surprising, green tea extract does contain caffeine and this could cause some users to experience wakefulness, restlessness, and insomnia. And, although magnesium and chromium are known to be very beneficial for heart health, they can also interfere with certain heart medications. Because of this, anyone with a heart condition or high blood pressure is strongly advised to speak to their doctor before taking Lipitrex. Of course, because pine nut oil can also be found in Lipitrex, anyone with an allergy to nuts should also avoid Lipitrex.


Lipitrex has been discontinued from the market. We advise consumers to look for other weight loss alternatives.

Best alternative

Phen375, one of the top recommended diet pills on this site contains both fat burning and appetite suppressing properties. With great success rate and high number of re-orders, you should definitely take a closer look at Phen375.

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