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Lipofuze UK reviews

Lipofuze is a diet pill that claims it is "the best fat burner of 2011". This is what they say about Lipofuze effectiveness (taken from official website): "LipoFuze increases the metabolic mechanism in your body, increases essential fat burning enzymes, and suppresses your appetite".

Lipofuze ingredients

Green tea (caffeine 50%), Razberi K, Ginger, Cayenne, Phenylethylamine, Synephrine HCL, Thermodiamine (Evodiamine 98%, FucoPure (10% Fucoxanthin), Forslean, Guggul EZ 100, BioPerine, DHEA, Cinnamon 4:1, 20-Hydroxyecdysterone.

So as you can see there are all sorts of ingredients here. The problem is that manufacturers do not disclose exact amounts of individual ingredients here, and we're not surprised by this. All we know is that this "proprietary blend" is 775 mg.

When you have that many ingredients, it is very difficult to have each one of them in high enough doses to achieve any weight loss effects. While it is true that there are some effective ingredients inside Lipofuze, we don't know if those ingredients are present in required doses.

Lipofuze scientific approval

Throughout the whole site they go on and on how Lipofuze ingredients are clinically proven. That is all ok, but there's no mentioning if Lipofuze was ever clinically tested. We can only conclude that Lipofuze is not scientifically proven supplement.

Lipofuze side effects

It shouldn't cause any major side effects, apart from minor side effects related to stimulants present inside Lipofuze.

Where to buy Lipofuze?

This supplement is sold via the official website, and you can buy it over there for $49.95 for 1-month bottle. The only good thing is that they offer a lifelong money back guarantee, so in case you're not satisfied you can ask for your money back. However, we haven't tested this; we just say what they claim on the Lipofuze website.

Final word on Lipofuze

The final decision is on you, but we would advise not to buy Lipofuze. We're not comfortable with Synephrine ingredient, we don't like the fact that they offer something called "3 Day Detox" as a bonus. Overall, avoid Lipofuze and get yourself a proper fat burner.

Alternative fat burner

Phen375 is on the top of the list of recommended fat burners on our site. This fat burner has been rocking the weight loss market since it first appeared on the market in 2009, and since then thousands of dieters have put their trust in it.

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