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LipoMax Pro UK review

What is LipoMax Pro?

A typical American fat burner diet pill. It is marketed as a "belly fat burner" in order to attract more customers because that's what most people want out of a diet pill. Mind you, losing "just belly fat" and ignoring everything else is not possible.

Ingredients inside LipoMax Pro

They say that LipoMax Pro was manufactured in laboratories of a scientific sport research institute and it's only using natural ingredients: L-Tyrosine, Acai Berry (freeze dried), ChroPicol, Caffeine, Cayenne powder, Green Tea leaf extract, Bitter Orange, Guarana, Siberian Ginseng, Apple Cider vinegar, Bioperine.

Here's what they state about their ingredients:

"We use the highest legal amounts of the finest ingredients".

But then, they do not disclose the exact amounts of their ingredients. They just mention that their whole proprietary blend is 562 mg. This is a very common practice among diet pill manufacturers today – they don't mention how much of each ingredient is present. This way you have no way of knowing if a diet pill will work or not.

Problems with LipoMax Pro

It's really hard to believe everything they say on the official LipoMax Pro website. There are many suspicious statements, for example:

"If you discover you are losing more than 9 pounds every 11 days, please stop taking LipoMax Pro."

"You will start feeling the effects of LipoMax Pro on your body, within 43 minutes of taking it. After a few short weeks, your friends will swear you've had liposuction."

Then there's a really high price tag, $94.95, which is definitely too much. You can find cheaper diet pills.

LipoMax Pro side effects

Because there are a lot of stimulant ingredients inside LipoMax Pro, you can expect all the side effects related to stimulants: jitteriness, irritability, headaches, fast heart rate, insomnia etc.

Do we recommend LipoMax Pro?

No, we do not. If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Avoid LipoMax Pro and get yourself a real and trustworthy diet pill.

LipoMax Pro alternatives

As our recommended fat burner, we will mention Phen375, diet pill that has shown great success record and hi re-order rate since its launch in 2009. If fat binders are more appealing to you, then we recommend 100% herbal fat binder called Proactol Plus.

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