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Meratol slimming pill review

One of the most recent slimming pills to appear on the UK weight loss market is Meratol. Made by Advanced Health, this diet pill attacks the problem of obesity from 4 various angles:

  1. Decreasing caloric intake
  2. Blocking your carbohydrates intake
  3. Speeding up your metabolism
  4. Burning off more calories than usual

Meratol basically helps you burn more calories while at the same time it increases your energy expenditure. To an extent it reminds us of Zotrim, but we would say Meratol goes one step forward.

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Meratol ingredients

All 100% natural extracts are included inside Meratol:

  • Cactus Extract – Minimizes your food cravings, which means you will eat less.
  • Brown Seaweed extract – Can reduce absorption of carbohydrates by up to 82%; can bind to dietary fats inside your stomach and make part of your fat intake too large to be absorbed. Those undigested fats are then eliminated from your body through natural ways.
  • Capsicum extract – Has the ability to transform calories into heat (instead of fat) and can help you start burning 12 times more calories than usual.
  • Prickly pear extract – Speeds up your metabolism and helps you convert fat into energy at a very fast rate.

How much weight can you lose with Meratol?

Expect to lose 3-4 lbs per week using Meratol. Manufacturers are very clear about this and they do not promise you what they can't deliver.

Meratol side effects

You will be happy to know that Meratol doesn't cause any side effects. This is because only natural ingredients are used; no stimulants or other harmful ingredients. And we need to say that Meratol is not a drug but a weight loss supplement. There's a difference between those two.

Do we recommend Meratol?

Highly recommended diet pill! At the moment you can purchase Meratol only via the official website using credit card or checks. There's a big PR campaign about Meratol going on at the moment in the UK, so better hurry and order your Meratol package while the stocks last.

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