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Meridia diet pill review

Meridia is a diet pill which was withdrawn from the US market in 2010 because of the adverse side effects experienced by many people. 

However, it is still being sold online without prescription under this name and generic names.  It is used in conjunction with diet and exercise to enable participants to lose weight. 

This excess weight was usually linked to high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes.


Sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate.  Originally only available on prescription, this was used in the treatment of obesity.

How it Works

Put simply, this pill is in the same group of drugs as Prozac.  Once taken, this pill enhances production of Serotonin, the feel good factor, and inhibits the re-absorption of Serotonin back into the system.  The result is that the appetite is suppressed for longer and the calorie intake is therefore reduced.  Since it also reduces cravings, it is likely that the user will lose weight.

Side Effects

Those who have certain conditions must talk to a physician before taking this pill.  Those with high blood pressure are not advised to take the drug, nor those who have a history of heart problems including angina.  It can cause problems to those who have an abnormal heart rhythm and those who have bad circulation in the arms and legs or anyone who suffers from transient ischemic attacks or stroke.


Although many obese people have been helped with this diet pill, for the US to ban it says all there is to say.  Anyone who has certain health conditions should avoid taking the pills without a physician’s authority.  Under close medical supervision the pill may indeed work but the side effects may be too many and too dangerous for many.  Since it is still available on the internet, people who are desperate to lose weight may sidestep the physician and end up worse off than they were before.

Stay away from Meridia, even if you qualify for prescription.

Meridia alternative

Phen375 is believed to be one of, if not the best alternative to the synthetic drug Meridia. This pharmacy grade fat burner can offer you weight loss rate of 3-4 lbs per week. It has been on the market since 2009 and so far there are many dieters who had success with it.

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