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Phytodren slimming pill review

With the weight loss industry seemingly going into overdrive these days, would-be dieters are usually hard pressed to know which diet pill is the right one for them. 

Although the choice of dietary aid is down to personal taste, some are obviously better than others so care should be taken when buying.

Phytodren is one amongst many diet pills on today's market that promise many things but fail to keep those promises.

Phytodren ingredients

Said to include Phenylethylamine (PEA), caffeine and Synephrine HC1, the general idea is that the metabolism is increased.  These ingredients are also claimed to curb appetite as well.  Humulus Lupus is another ingredient which claims to boost the mood and give the dieter a feeling of calmness. PEA is known to cause "chocolate high" feeling that many people crave on a daily basis.

How does it work?

"Good guy vs bad guy" story is simply not believable. Manufacturers should really come up with something more original. The way it is now, it sounds really funny.

Phytodren side effects

As with any pill that contains caffeine, dieters may well feel a little jittery while on this diet pill.  Sleep may be disturbed or absent and headaches and nausea have also been mentioned as side effects.

Final word on Phytodren

Although dieters are always on the lookout for that ‘magic pill’ which will do all the hard work for them, pills like this one can have adverse side effects which others may have to contend with.  For example, lack of sleep may mean that driving is not advisable. 

Jitteriness will be noticed by others particularly if the dieter is employed and this is hard to disguise.  Feeling sick or having headaches may also encroach on work and social life as well so taking any pill which alters behavior is quite a serious decision. 

Of course, nothing beats a healthy diet and some light exercise to start with and this will get easier as the weight starts to drop.  It might be easier on the wallet too! Definitely avoid Phytodren.

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