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ProAction Acai & Hoodia supplements reviews

Priced at £79.90 ProAction Acai & Hoodia claims that it can help you "Melt away fat and get a tight body!" They basically don't go much further into explaining more about their products.

They just mention that their supplements contain "unique combination of ingredients that have been specifically formulated to help you lose weight fast".

Pro Action Acai & Hoodia ingredients

Obviously the main ingredients here are Acai Berry and Hoodia Gordonii, but we were not able to find out the correct dosage of those ingredients inside these pills. What this means is that you might not be getting enough of Acai and Hoodia at all.

Mind you, you need at least 1,000 mg of Acai Berry per day and at least 1,200 mg of Hoodia Gordonii per day in order to enjoy all the benefits. If you don't get that much, you'll be wasting your money.

Does Pro Action Acai work?

Most probably it doesn't work. If this was a serious supplement, manufacturers would have much bigger, more detailed website and not a 1-salespage website.

Do we recommend Pro Action Acai & Hoodia?

No, we do not. Lack of information on ingredients and working mechanism is the main problem we have with this supplement. Obviously the main intent of manufacturers is to get consumers' hard earned money and we are very much against that kind of approach.

What's the best alternative?

Pure Acai Berry Max – Supplement that is one of the rare Acai Berry pills that we fully recommend to our readers. If you decide to buy this supplement, expect to get 1,500 mg of Acai Berry per day (more than enough); also expect a serious supplement with all the required certificates and 180-days money back guarantee.

Pure Acai Berry Max review