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Qnexa weight loss pill review

At the time of writing this review (April 2012), Qnexa is still a weight loss pill that is yet to be approved by FDA. And these things don't happen every day, that's for sure; the last time FDA approved a diet pill, it was back in 1999.

What is Qnexa?

Qnexa is an investigational diet pill that combines 2 already known substances: Phentermine and Topiramate (extended release):

Phentermine is synthetic weight loss drug that has been approved in 1959 as an effective appetite suppressant. It basically makes your brain into believing that you are not hungry and also increases your metabolism a little bit. It is a powerful stimulant - appetite suppressant.

Topiramate is not exactly a weight loss product; initially when it appeared on the market, it was meant to treat migraines and also to prevent from seizures. Weight loss effect was seen as a side effect of this drug. According to many users, Topiramate changes the taste of certain foods, so it is believed that by altering the way food tastes to you, you will not want to eat it.

How does Qnexa work?

By synergistically combining effects of Phentermine (suppression of appetite) and Topiramate (change of taste), it is believed that Qnexa causes weight loss in this way.

One other interesting fact is that Qnexa lowers blood pressure as well. Dr. Suzanne Oparil University of Alabama at Birmingham said: "The higher the dose, the more weight loss and the more blood pressure went down" [link]

Qnexa side effects

During the clinical trials, the main side effects experienced with Qnexa were: dry mouth, constipation, and tingling in fingers and toes.

Where to buy Qnexa?

At the moment Qnexa cannot be purchased anywhere because it is not yet approved by FDA. The official approval is expected to be in July 2012. Until then, we suggest you to find another alternative.

Qnexa alternative

We often regard Phen375 as the best legal alternative to Phentermine, which obviously means that we can recommend Phen375 as Qnexa alternative as well.

Phen375 is fully synthetic fat burner dietary supplement that has been on the market since 2009. All the ingredients of Phen375 are manufactured in an FDA regulated lab, so that the final product is top quality. We highly recommend you to take a closer look into Phen375.

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