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Quick Trim supplements review

The whole range of Quick Trim diet products owes its popularity to its endorsers, the Kardashian sisters.

Quick Trim has made available to consumers a set of products that are not only effective for weight loss but also for cleansing:

  • Burn & Cleanse
  • Celluslim
  • Fat Cleanse
  • Extreme Burn
  • Quick Trim fast Shake
  • Quick Trim Hot Stix

Ingredients of Quick Trim

Caffeine, Green Tea leaf Extract, Piperine, Other stimulants

Quicktrim claims

Quick Trim set of products is being marketed as a complete calorie burning and detoxification system. These products can however be bought separately such as the Quick Trim Fast Cleanse which is recommended for detoxification and Quick Trim Extreme Burn which claims to suppress the user’s appetite for up to 8 hours and burn calories fast.

Quick trim medical studies

Despite the media attention obtained by the Quick Trim products, there are no scientific and medical evidences that can back up its claim of being effective both as a weight loss and a detoxification product. There are also studies that show the dangers of colon cleansing products like the products under the Quick Trim line.

Is Quick Trim a scam?

While no doctor has openly declared its support for Quick Trim as an effective weight loss product, a registered dietician by the name of Keri Gans has spoken openly against Quick Trim. Gans said people using Quick Trim do not really change their eating patterns because they are only using a quick fix product like Quick Trim to lose weight temporarily. It is thus easy for them to regain the weight lost later on. There is no doubt that Quick Trim popularity is just hype.


The price for a set of Quick Trim Burn and Cleanse, Quick Trim Extreme Burn and Quick Trim Fast Cleanse is $43.95. This is enough to prep you up for a cleansing and weight loss program. Great buy at first glance. But is it worth it? Probably not.

Quick Trim alternatives

Proactol Plus is definitely a serious competition not only to Quick Trim, but to all other diet pills on the market. Present on the market since 2007, Proactol is fat binder that can bind up to 28% of your fat intake safely and prevent it from being absorbed by your body. We highly recommend taking a closer look into this diet pill.

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