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Sleeptox detox foot patches review

"Detox while sleep"

What is Sleeptox?

Sleeptox are one of the new and innovative detox products on the market. Distributed by Evolution Slimming, an uprising and respectable UK supplier, Sleeptox uses natural ingredients to take toxins out of your body through the soles in your feet. And all that happens while you sleep.

Sleeptox ingredients

Bamboo Vinegar Extract, Wood Vinegar Extract, Chitin, Chitosan, Tourmaline, Vegetable Fiber, Minus Ion Powder, Dextrin, Vitamin C.

Buy Sleeptox £19.95

Sleeptox main benefits

  • Clear body from harmful toxins
  • Increased energy levels
  • Better sleep
  • Improved vitality
  • Results almost immediate

How to use Sleeptox patches?

This is a 5-day program where you should apply patches every night before going to sleep. First wash and dry your feet before applying the patches. Then apply one patch to the sole of each foot, making sure that it has good contact with the foot.

Manufacturers also recommend wearing socks over these patches to ensure they remain on the feet during the night. In the morning patches should be dark brown and emitting strong odor. Remove the patches and wash your feet. Once used, Sleeptox patches should be thrown away.

Where to buy Sleeptox?

Evolution Slimming sells Sleeptox patches for £19.95 (5-day program). If you're looking to detox your body from harmful toxins, but you're not in a mood for pills, then Sleeptox foot patches are definitely something new to try.

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