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Slim Quick Razor fat burner reviews

One of the most searched for diet pills recently is Slim Quick Razor. This fat burner is targeted towards women only ("America's strongest female fat burner").

The name of this pill suggests that it will make you achieve slimmer body quickly and it will cut through the fat like a razor. Let's see if this product can live up to its claims.

SlimQuick Razor ingredients

Niacin, Iodine and a proprietary complex called 6 Way Complex. All sorts of ingredients are present inside this complex (full list is available on the official site). The most interesting part is that we can't know for sure how much of each ingredient is present. They just say "daily value not established". Unfortunately this is a common practice today.

Side effects of SlimQuick Razor

Since there are some stimulant ingredients present (Caffeine, Green tea), people sensitive to stimulants could experience some side effects (fast heart rate, anxiety, irritability and similar).

Where to buy SlimQuick Razor?

You can buy this product from several online retail stores on the Internet. We found the best deals at Bodybuilding.com (60 caplets for $18.99) and Drugstore.com (60 caplets for $23.99).

Final word on SlimQuick Razor

You would be better off finding a safer diet pill. While Slim Quick Razor could help you lose weight, we simply think that there are more effective and side effects-free products out there.

Are there any better alternatives?

Proactol Plus is a fat binder that can easily stop up to 28% of your dietary fat intake and safely prevent it from being absorbed and digested by your body. Proactol has 6 clinical studies behind it and a number of medical doctors approving it.

Proactol Plus review

Nuratrim is one of the latest diet pills that appeared in 2011. This fat burner uses 4 ingredients in order to combat 2 of the most common causes of weight gain (high caloric intake and not enough physical activity). Nuratrim can be purchased online and without prescription.

Nuratrim review