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Zantrex-3 weight loss pill

Heralded as a ‘super pill’ in the US, Zantrex 3 is the "new kid on the block" for dieters. Manufacturers of this pill claim that it burns off more than 500% extra fat than any other fat burning diet pill on the market today.

They also say that it is better than any ephedrine based diet pill available today, or any other diet pill in existence come to that!

How Zantrex-3 works

It is claimed to burn off fat while building lean muscle through increasing speed of metabolism. It lifts the mood and stops depression.

Zantrex-3 ingredients

Caffeine, Yerba mate and green tea extract are included in these pills and are all powerful metabolism boosters.

Possible side effects

As with all diet pills, side effects have to be understood and considered before opting to try out a course. With Zantrex 3, perhaps the most serious side effect is a rapid heart beat. It is the caffeine in the tablet that causes this, plus the green tea extract along with Yerba mate.

Caffeine also increases urination which could lead to dehydration. The thyroid gland could become enlarged (goiter) and the pills particularly affect those with an iodine deficiency.

Liver failure has also been listed as a serious side effect and the pill has been associated with dizziness and fainting as well. This would obviously make driving dangerous. Lastly, some people will get addicted to this pill once they get used to the increased energy.

Zantrex-3 in media

Popular star of the famous "Jersey Shore" TV show, Snooki, has been taking Zantrex-3 diet pill and dropped 17 lbs with it. However, there were some rumors that she was paid to do such promotion for Zantrex-3 pills. Read more about it here.


Although this pill has been getting rave reviews, those who have underlying health problems must check with their physicians before embarking on a course. Taking into consideration the seriousness of the side effects mentioned, including addiction and rapid heart beat, those who take this pill must take extreme care and report any side effects immediately to their own doctors.

Not recommended!

Zantrex-3 alternative

Phen375 is fully synthetic fat burner that can be great alternative to Zantrex-3 pills. It offers you pharmacy grade burning effect but without any side effects reported so far.

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