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Zotrim Slimming Pill Review


Dual action weight loss aid

Average weight loss

10-15 lbs per month

Main ingredients

Yerba Mate, Damiana, Guarana

Pills per pack 180
Side effects None
Free shipping On 4 & 6 month orders
Discrete packaging
Money back guarantee 6 months
Price From $58.95

zotrim slimming tablets

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What is Zotrim?

zotrim reviewZotrim slimming pill is a weight loss supplement that has been scientifically proven to naturally help you lose weight. It uses a unique combination of natural ingredients that have been independently proven through various medical researches. Yerba Mate, Damiana and Guarana ingredients are used in a way that gives you dual action efficiency: natural weight loss and increased energy.

Zotrim has a dual mechanism of action, which addresses both sides of "eat less calories" and "burn off more calories" equation. In other words, it will make you eat less and will give you energy to be more active so that you can burn more calories. It is only logical to think that "less calories in" and "more calories out" will give you weight loss!

Zotrim diet pills come with 180 pills per box and it is widely popular offline brand in the United Kingdom (available in stores like Tesco, Boots, Sainsbury's etc). Since 2000, Zotrim has successfully undergone 8 clinical trials, and it's been called "the only weight loss aid with sound scientific proof".

Why we recommend Zotrim as #1 slimming pill for you?

Natural ingredients

Unlike most of other diet pills with synthetic ingredients, Zotrim comes with 100% natural ingredients that won't give you any nasty side effects. Just imagine the peace of mind you will have once you start taking Zotrim - no anxiety, no "what-ifs", no worries… Just pure weight loss.

Scientific proof

So far Zotrim has successfully undergone 8 clinical trials, appeared on one congress on obesity and appeared in a couple of health journals. The scientific clinical trials are REAL and their results are easily accessible by anyone.

These proven results from independent medical experts only result in brand trust. And you know that real scientific proof is one of the most important factors when choosing a weight loss pill.

Large offline brand with proven results

The fact that Zotrim is available in stores in UK (Tesco, Asda, Boots etc) gives you the confidence to trust this weight loss supplement.

Unlike many other supplements that make unrealistic claims, Zotrim is herbal weight loss aid with well documented medical research, many happy customers worldwide and proven weight loss results! Also Zotrim is backed by media appearances, most recently on BBC2's "Dr Regan's Diet Clinic".

Makes you feel full quicker & for longer

When you take Zotrim slimming tablets before your meal, it will make you feel full sooner so that you will consume less food during a meal.

Also it will make you feel satisfied after a meal so that you tend to snack less.

Just imagine that: no need to eat that much food during a meal and no more snacking between meals!

Increases energy

The other part of Zotrim formula is to give you more energy so that you will be able to burn off more calories.

In other words, once you start taking Zotrim you can expect to be much more physically active than before. This will just speed up the whole weight loss process!

Sustained weight loss

One of the most important things when it comes to weight loss supplements is whether the weight loss is maintained or whether it is regained.

Zotrim has been shown to give long lasting results! Just imagine - once you lose weight using Zotrim, it won't come back! And this is not just a statement, but a scientifically proven fact!

Gives you peace of mind

Just imagine what kind of peace of mind you will have when you know that Zotrim is a weight loss supplement with 100% natural ingredients, has been scientifically proven and has no side effects!

Unlike most of the diet pills on the market where you have to worry what might happen because you're not certain of their side effects, with Zotrim it's completely different! No more worries, no anxiety before you swallow Zotrim pill.

Apart from that, you can be assured that Zotrim won't give you any unpleasant effects; it will not make you jittery, it won't make your heart race for no reason, it will not make you sleepy or drowsy and it will not give you any sleeping problems!

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Zotrim success story

Starting weight: 13 stone (182 lbs; 82 kg)
Current weight: 9 stone (126 lbs; 57 kg)
Total weight loss: 4 stone (56 lbs; 25 kg)

Sharon Briers was always satisfied with her slender figure and she never had to worry about her weight before until she had her baby. During her pregnancy Sharon gained over 56 lbs (25 kg) and her dress size went from slim size 10 to a heavy size 16, leaving her more self conscious about her appearance and looks.

In order to regain her former figure, Sharon believed that the only way to do it was to follow strict low calorie, low fat diet that cut out all her favourite foods. However hard Sharon tried, the temptation to eat was stronger and hard to ignore:

"I dreaded dieting. Food was such an important part of my life." 

After she tried numerous meal replacement plans and exercise programs with very little success, Sharon was almost ready to give up when she found out about Zotrim. For the first time she felt confident that she could lose weight and that Zotrim was the answer to her weight problems. And this was all possible without radically changing her diet or exercise routine.

Several months later, Sharon is the proud owner of the attractive size 10 figure and feels wonderful about it.

"Zotrim is simple to work into my busy life and highly effective at helping me eat less." 


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What are Zotrim ingredients?

Zotrim is made from 100% pure & natural ingredients. This mix of 3 natural plant extracts has been scientifically proven to help you reduce your daily food intake, while at the same time boosting your energy levels, leaving you feeling invigorated and alive!

Yerba Mate

Evergreen tree that grows in South America. Its leaves are used to make a very refreshing and stimulating tea particularly in Paraguay and Argentina.


Relatively small shrub that is native to Mexico and is found elsewhere in Central America. Its leaves have been traditionally made into a tea which was used by native Central and South American people for its aphrodisiac effects.


A creeping shrub that is native to the Amazon rain forests. Guarana seeds are used to produce a stimulating drink that is similar to caffeine drinks. In recent years, there has been an increased evidence that guarana actually improves mental and cognitive performance in an individual.

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How Zotrim helps you lose weight?

does zotrim workThere are 2 components to it:

  1. Eating less calories – helps you eat less through feeling fuller during a meal and feel full longer after a meal
  2. Burning more calories – helps you be more active and energized

Therefore Zotrim addresses both sides of "calorie balance" mechanism:

"Eat less calories" + "Burn more calories" = Weight loss for you

Eating less calories

Zotrim will help you to:

  • Feel full sooner during your meal so that you will consume less food during a meal
  • Feel satisfied after a meal so that you tend to snack less between

Burning more calories

Zotrim contains natural plant extracts from guarana and yerba mate, which are both mild stimulants and invigorators and they both have a caffeine-like effects.

As a result, Zotrim will help you:

  • Be generally more active
  • Burn off more calories than you would otherwise do

Therefore Zotrim can help you with weight management even without you making any changes to your diet or your activity levels!

However, as always when talking about diet supplements, you are recommended to eat healthy, watch your caloric intake and try to be more active. Even a moderate daily walking of about 15-20 minutes per day will play an important contribution to your weight loss process.

We can say that Zotrim can be used with any other diet regime, weight management or exercise program in order to increase chances of your weight loss success!

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Zotrim medical evidence

Since it first appeared in 2000, Zotrim has successfully undergone 8 clinical trials and has been featured:

  • At the 15th European Congress on Obesity
  • In the British Food Journal
  • In the Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics

Here are some of the most interesting clinical studies that were performed on Zotrim in order to prove its effectiveness:

Placebo-controlled study on weight loss

This study was conducted over a period of 45 days. There were 47 overweight individuals (ages between 20 and 60). They were split into groups that consisted of those who were really taking Zotrim and those with placebo pill containing lactose. All of these individuals had to take their capsules 3 times a day before each meal.


Placebo pills

   Lost on average 11.3 lbs (5 kg) Lost on average 0.7 lbs (0.3 kg) 

Gastric emptying rate study

In order to understand the relation between stomach fullness and gastric emptying, 7 individuals (who have previously fasted before this study) were given Zotrim pills on one occasion and placebo pills of lactose on another occasion in this double blinded study.

They were all asked to drink 20ml of apple juice; then after 15 minutes they were asked to drink another 400ml. Their gastric volume was monitored with ultrasound measurement every 10 minutes until their stomachs were empty.


Placebo pills

A verage gastric emptying:
58 minutes
Average gastric emptying:
38 minutes

Time to fullness study

The time that is needed to achieve gastric fullness was observed using 20 individuals who were required to take 2 pills of Zotrim or 2 pills of lactose placebo pills. They were instructed to take the pills 10-15 minutes before each main meal. While they ate their meals, they had to monitor the length of time it took them to feel full. This number was then compared to their other meals.


Placebo pills

Average combined time to gastric fullness over 3 meals:
35 minutes

Average combined time to gastric fullness over 3 meals:
61 minutes

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How does Zotrim compare to other weight loss solutions?

To other food supplements - Out of numerous food supplement weight loss products on the UK market, only Zotrim provides real scientific evidence though placebo-controlled research studies. In one recent review of the efficacy of active ingredients for over-the-counter weight loss products, it was concluded: "The results showed little evidence for most weight loss claims, with the exception of a formulation containing Yerba Mate, Guarana and Damiana" (which are all contained in Zotrim).

To diet programs - Average rate of weight loss (kg per week) of Zotrim compares favorably with that reported in randomized trial from various weight loss programs that were tested for 8 weeks:

  • Zotrim (45 days placebo control): 0.79
  • Zotrim (mean of all trials): 0.50
  • Slim Fast: 0.46
  • Weight Watchers: 0.59
  • Atkins diet: 0.65

Just for the record: Zotrim may be used together with diet programs to for more powerful and faster weight loss results.

To prescription drugs - A recent review has reported a limited efficiency of prescription weight loss drugs for losing weight. Analyzing trials of over 1 year period, average weight losses achieved over placebo were:

  • Xenical: 2.9 kg
  • Sibutramine (Meridia): 4.2 kg
  • Rimonabant (Acomplia): 4.7 kg

On the other side, Zotrim achieved a weight loss of 4.7 kg over placebo in 45 days! Also, keep in mind that most of prescription weight loss drug trials needed calorie controlled diets, whereas Zotrim doesn't need any of those.

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buy ZotrimYes. You are overweight and you know it.

Yes. Your everyday schedule doesn't allow you too much of an exercise. And let's be honest about one thing: having a 100% healthy diet is nearly impossible in today's fast paced world.

You have your job, you have your career, you have your kids, and you have everyday responsibilities… Yet you have to do something about your weight problem. Otherwise you will have even bigger problem.

What are you going to do? 

The only realistic solution at this moment would be to start taking weight loss supplement that could help you with your weight loss. And that weight loss supplement is Zotrim. You can see from the abovementioned facts that this is not some "new untested weight loss pill" that will be here for short time.

Zotrim is one of the best rated slimming pills at the moment in the world. It has been selling in UK since 2000 in stores and now it's available worldwide for purchase. You can buy Zotrim only through official Zotrim website.

Why would your weight be stopping you from enjoying your life to the fullest? You probably have a lot of things you want to do in your life, but couldn't do them because your weight was stopping you. Well, it doesn't have to be like that anymore!

Imagine for a moment how great it will feel when you're walking down the street, full of confidence, being proud that you did the best possible thing in the long run - lost weight.

Think about how much your life will be different when you have that slim & attractive body you have always wanted to have. Picture for a moment how other people will look at you differently when you walk into your office...

This is not a dream - this is YOU in just a couple of months.

There comes the time when you have to say "Enough is enough!" and take control of your weight.

And there's no better way to take control of your weight than Zotrim slimming pill.

Take control of your life. 

Start living your life to the fullest!


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